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Hi All,

So sorry for the late notice, but starting tomorrow, Friday, June 18, we will begin holding our Booster meetings at the Olalla Valley Golf course at 8 am.  This will only be during the summer months due to the school buildings being closed. 

Hope to see many smiling and energetic faces there since it's not so early! (hint hint)

We have lots going on this summer and would love to have some new energy!  The Boomer Den is beginning to come together, the 1st Annual Boomer Alumni Golf Tournament is being planned - New committees are now being formed so come pick your area of expertise.  Remember, being a member of the boosters means you get to help out where you choose to and does not mean that you have to help with every project.  The more active members we have, the more productive the club will be.   Come Join us in supporting our athletes.  They need us more than ever now, so we need YOU! 

Hope to see you there!
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The Boosters

New committee chairperson

May 14, 2010

The Boomer Booster Club is very pleased to announce that Shonna Howry has accepted the position of Chairperson for the Sports Calendar Committee. As most of you know, Shonna and her husband Joe are both long time members of the community and both are Toledo High School alumnus. Shonna is currently employed as the manager of Pacific Spruce Federal Credit Union in Toledo and Joe is employed as a local private contractor.

When asked about her reasons for accepting the new role, Shonna replied, “I'm a mother of two and I considered myself hands on mom. Volunteering my time to our local booster club only helps to strengthen my children's future. I would encourage all parents of school age children to step up and help take charge of their children's future as well.”

Speaking on behalf of the entire booster club, welcome aboard Shonna.

Jerry Pryor

Booster Club News

April 30, 2010

For those members who have difficulty attending our Friday morning meetings, I thought it may be appropriate to let everyone know what's been going on in your booster club as of late.

As most of you know, we began this year desperately seeking volunteers to fill four extremely important positions within the club. The positions are Membership, Banners, Sport Calendars and our Annual booster auction. As with all similar organizations, our ability to provide financial assistance to our student athletes is solely dependant on our ability to fund raise. Considering the above mentioned programs generate the lion share of our revenue base, these positions need filling immediately.

Some of you may have already learned that earlier this year we were very fortunate to have Cora Warfield volunteer to chair the Membership Committee and if you've lived to Toledo for any length of time you are already aware of what Cora brings to the table. With her work ethic and experience, this program is in great hands.

Within the past two weeks we have had the opportunity to speak with another great lady, booster and supporter, Amy Purdom. Amy has expressed an interest in chairing the Banner Committee. We all remember what a wonderful job she did with the Dick Murray truck raffle, which turned out to be one of the most successful money makers in the club history. Her success was not by accident. Amy is a dedicated hard working individual and a great organizer. Although she has not yet totally agreed to accept the position, I believe a couple of well placed telephone calls may help to convince her to do so.

We have also been busy attempting to recruit volunteers that may have an interest in co-chairing the Auction committee. As of this date, we have three ladies who have agreed to meet with us to discuss the program and address some of their concerns. Although these three ladies need no introduction, they are Charlotte Miller, Joanne Moore and Shonna Howry. They are very energetic individuals and understand the importance of fund raising. We would be extremely fortunate to have them on board.

Last but not least, we are still in need of someone willing to take charge of the Sports calendar. If anyone finds a little extra time in your day or perhaps two or three people that may consider co-chairing the committee, please let us know. We need your help.

Jerry Pryor



Updated on June 18, 2010

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June 18, 2010